Wednesday 21 June 2017

South Indian water storage vessel

Saalaani and Saal Paanai - Traditional household water vessel of Kongunadu region

Antique Brass Giant Water storage pot called regionally as Kongunadu Saal Paanai (Coimbatore region water pot) handmade percussion hammered Brass., Pot alone weighing a humongous 14 kilograms and the lid is made of bell metal weighing 1.5 kilograms altogether the set weight tips to 16 kilograms. Dimensions: Height of the water pot alone is nearly 2 feet tall and Diameter nearing 2 feet and the top widest part circumference measuring a surprising 5 feet 1 inch, Adding further to its value is the Pairing with its original Burmese Teakwood carved decor stand called as Saalani in Tamil (Saal + Aani meaning Pot + Stand) which on its own a classic collectible, also the part of original set are Eight numbers of heavy handmade Antique Brass tumblers which are placed on the eight niche projections on the wooden frame., two on each corners resembling elephant trunk and On the Whole its a Classic masterpiece that too in a complete set all intact and in pristine condition. Overall height 3 feet tall.

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Sridhar, MBA, MTM, MHRM.,
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